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Rísa by Elevate

Elevate has landed in Reykjavík, Iceland

Known as Rísa, Elevate’s Icelandic headquarters is open for business and poised to help teams of all sizes - from individuals to globally recognized corporations - who use Airtable to supercharge their work.

Elevate is thrilled to announce that we are now the Nordics' official Airtable partner. We are honored to be recognized by Airtable for our hard work, dedication, and success of engineering strategic-based solutions for our clients.

Based in Reykjavík, Iceland, Rísa is proud to support businesses big and small in the Nordic region. We are dedicated to listening, understanding, and learning how to be supportive Airtable partners and elevate teams across the territory. 

Not only is Rísa an exciting venture for Elevate, but it also holds special meaning to Megan Eccleston, co-founder of Elevate. Megan has both past and present roots in Reykjavík, Iceland. Whenever she is able to visit the beautiful capitol, she makes sure to dedicate time to visiting her cousins, aunts, and uncles and enjoys traditional Nordic foods and customs.

“Rísa is not just a consulting agency - they act as an extension of your team. Rísa’s teammates deeply understand your workflow, build and maintain long-term cross-functional relationships, and manage long term transitions all the way through lifelong maintenance of tools. Elevate has helped dozens of organizations optimize their use of Airtable, and I am thrilled to endorse them as the partner for our friends in the Nordics.” - Samuel Cook, Airtable Head of EMEA Partners 


Interested in learning more about Rísa?

Head over to the official Rísa page to see how we are teaming up with Airtable to help local businesses elevate their data.

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